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Air Splints

AS12, AS13, AS14, AS15, AS16, AS17

All Logikal Air Splints incorporate an extended inflation valve with single-handed closure clamp.

Hand and Wrist Air Splint: Code AS12
407mm long x 196mm wide at top

Half Arm Air Splint: Code AS13
600mm long x 220mm wide at top

Full Arm Air Splint: Code AS14
770mm long x 480mm wide at top

Foot and Ankle Air Splint: Code AS15
430mm long x 237mm wide at top

Half Leg Air Splint: Code AS16
650mm long x 277mm wide at top

Full Leg Air Splint: Code AS17
875mm long x 622mm wide at top

Each item sold separately. You can also buy the full Set of Splints which includes 1 of each size splint.

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