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New Product Listing

Product listing


This list contains all our current products and can also be downloaded as a PDF. If you would like to see prices, please contact Logikal Health Products and we will email or post them to you.


Orders or quote requests can be made by printing our or online by using or Contact Us Form by your preferred means. Fax/Mail Form

First Aid Reference Code
View all First Aid Products
Air Splint Hand & Wrist AS12
Air Splint Half Arm AS13
Air Splint Full Arm AS14
Air Splint Foot & Ankle AS15
Air Splint Half Leg AS16
Air Splint Full Leg AS17
Spare Satchel for sets of Splints AS18
Sets of 6 Air Splints in Satchel AS19
CPR Face Shield White Poly Bag Sealed LRM2
CPR Face Shield Blue Vinyl Keyring Tuck-in LRM4
Hospital Products Reference Code
View all Hospital Products
CVC Pack Sterile RP030
Renal Pack Sterile RP002
Medical Components (to order) Nil
Tubing Sets (to order) Nil
Veterinary Reference Code
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Tube Sets (to order) Nil
Components (to order) Nil




If you have questions or comments, please write to info@logikalhealth.com or telephone +61 2 4970 5335.